Six men arrested by police investigating an alleged plot to attack the Pope during his visit to the UK have all been released without charge, according to a statement from Scotland Yard. The men were said to be street cleaners working in London.

Armed security officers arrested five men at their company’s Chiltern Street depot in London as they prepared to go on shift. A sixth man was arrested later in the day.

Police went on to search eight homes in north and east London and two business premises in central London, including a street cleaning depot. Searches of the premises were completed and had not revealed any weapons or bomb related materials.

So much is written about press freedom (or the lack of it) here in the developing world by western commentators. It seems to me however that it is careless and irresponsible banner headlines like the one from the Express above that remind us that press freedom should never mean a licence to incitement and nor should it give the press powers to act as judge, jury and executioner. Most of all it should never be taken for granted.