I recently had a bit of bother with my home pc. The monitor kept turning itself off and the screen would just go blank. There was no way of recovering anything. Any un-saved data was lost. Each time the monitor went blank I had to turn off the pc using the little button at the back before I could restart it.

When I asked my nephew about this he said that the Daewoo monitor that I bought late in 1998 was now well past its best days. Two days later he brought me a beautiful 17” TFT monitor by Philips to try out. It was love at first sight. I had a lovely new monitor and it was sooo big! All went well for a few days but then the new monitor started to play up – turning itself off without warning. I was getting really fed-up. I suffer from anxiety attacks and insomnia and this was not helping. My nephew then said that perhaps the mother board needed attention. He went out and bought a new mother board and set it all up for me. He had decided that as we were doing all this rebuilding work perhaps we should get a bigger hard drive as well.

Before we could install the new drive we had to back up all the files on my current drive. There were millions of photos collected over the years, a huge iTunes library and tonnes of data files amounting to about 60GB. My nephew had brought along his Western Digital passport 250GB 2.5” external hard drive to back up the contents of my hard drive. He connected the new drive and installed the OS and other software.This portable hard drive is an easy and affordable way to add 250GB storage for PCs or Macintosh notebooks.

The Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB USB is totally portable and does not require a power adapter. It is powered directly via the USB port.The Western Digital drive is an ideal solution at those times when one is faced with the problem of having to carry large files between work and home. It is also great for workers on the move. If you need to back up files or transfer important documents, music, video or photos this portable external hard drive might just be the perfect solution.

Just make sure that you don’t leave it on the train!