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murder on record: part two


the missing guest

Once the police had concluded their formal interviews they retired again in private conference in the dining room.

Woolie said..” I have finished going through the notes and err…now why is there no reference to the chap whom the nurse referred to as Maramba’s nephew…..did any of you get to interview him?”
Babu and the commander both shook their heads. None of the house guests, it seemed, had mentioned Maramba’s nephew during their interviews. Mary, the house nurse was called back to see if she could clear this up.

Commander Ruby said to her, “Mary, you told us earlier that when you were unable to get a response from Mr Maramba you had sought assistance from the guests who were having breakfast nearby. You said one of these guests was Maramba’s nephew. Are you absolutely sure about that?”

Mary nodded, looking somewhat surprised at the question. The commander went on, “So what has happened to this nephew, where is he?”

Mary seemed puzzled. She said “Have you not interviewed him yet? He must be here in the house somewhere, surely. Nobody has left this house since the body was discovered this morning.

It was important to get to the bottom of this and the guests were all summoned back to the dining room. Monica was adamant that none of the guests who had been there the previous day were any relation of hers or Maramba’s for that matter. Rita the journalist said that there was a man who had been at breakfast but was not here now. She remembered talking to him briefly on Sunday just after lunch. He had told her that he was a senior executive in an energy company in Jinja – a company in which Maramba was a big investor. Another guest said that he had spoken to a man who said he was from Dar es Salaam and was in partnership with Maramba in the shipping business. It was the same man who had been at breakfast but was now missing. A final guest revealed to the police commander that a man fitting the same description had introduced himself as a professor of Mathematics from Cape Town.

The Commander ordered her officers to carry out a thorough search of the big house. Others were dispatched to search the out buildings and any other areas that the mystery man could be hiding. The staff were interviewed again. The farm manager now declared that one of his tractors, a John Deere, was missing. It had been parked in the garage that morning and he had seen it when he arrived for work just before 7.00am. The police then discovered from the security guard that just after 8.25 am he had opened the gate allowing a tractor to leave the farm. It had joined the main road turning left and heading for “Baraka farm”, he had thought. The farm manager confirmed that Baraka farm formed part of the estate’s land about 2 kilometres down the road.

The police commander got into a car with the farm manager and some officers and raced off towards Baraka farm. Less than a kilometre down the road the farm manager asked the driver to slow down. They came upon was a gap in the hedge. They stopped the car and got out. There were huge tyre tracks on the soft verge leading into the field. They followed the tracks and found the tractor parked inside the field right against the hedge and completely hidden away from the road. The police discovered more tyre tracks. It was apparent that a smaller car had once been hidden here too. This must have been the suspect’s get away vehicle.


The following week the police would once again descend on Maramba Manor. They were hundreds of officers, uniformed and plain clothes. It was Wednesday the day of the burial. Thousands of people had turned up to pay their respects. Babu, of course was there. So too was Ruby as the police commander for the County. She spent most of the time fielding questions from reporters who wanted to know how the murder investigation was moving. Babu would tell Woolie later that Ruby had the makings of a politician. She had handled herself well saying that “investigations had progressed well”, to one reporter and to another that they were at a “critical stage”. Before telling the last one that it was now “anticipated that an arrest was imminent.”

Babu himself had not expected such a huge turn out. Mr Maramba was not a politician but he had done much for his local community and his strong business ties ensured him a good send off. Babu was not surprised to see the smart executive limousines that drew up in motorcade with fluttering flags and bodyguards in tow. The huge police presence so early on had suggested there would be some VIPs in attendance. In fact the team captains from 1978 to the present had all come to pay their respects. As Babu said later to Woolie “It was as if Savimbi himself was back in town”

The Paper plot

Woolie was back in the study. He felt that the answers to his questions must lie in the documents that Maramba kept here. The police believed that they had a suspect and they were fairly confident that they would soon have him in custody. For Woolie it was not that simple. Who was this man? The phantom described by various witnesses as a shipper, an academic and an industrialist? Woolie needed to find any information that linked Maramba with the said suspect and which could therefore suggest a motive for this crime. He noticed a huge folder at the bottom of the cabinet that looked promising. He would not be able to take any documents out of the study and so he sat in Maramba’s chair and opened the folder.

The folder contained files all labeled Daily Eye which was the name of Maramba’s newspaper. Documents showed that when he took it over circulation was falling and advertising revenues had taken a hit. He had overhauled the paper getting rid of dead wood and modernising their publication processes. Maramba had invested in spanking new premises spending huge sums on new equipment too. Staff moral had gone up and readership numbers were now challenging the older dailies. Woolie read that the paper’s success had made it a prime target for a takeover. There was plenty of money about, banks had cash and could lend it for anything one wanted to do. Maramba had rejected any buy offers saying the Daily Eye was not for sale. He called his paper – macho ya simba (Lion’s eyes).

Woolie picked up a file labeled close surveillance. It contained printed A4 pages of cctv images taken in various locations which Woolie did not immediately recognise. There were hundreds of images, all printed out. At the back of the file an instructions leaflet on how to install the Chinese Tzinqui micro cam. Woolie looked at the photo prints again. Aha! It seemed that the paranoid Maramba had installed cctv in his home. The images in the prints were from the kitchen, the dining room, the main lounge and various other rooms in this big house. There were also stills from the farm yard and the garage. Maramba had secretly installed the cameras and only he knew of their existence!

* * * *

end of part two

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I won the El-Gordo Lottery

I received a posh looking cream envelope in this morning’s post. It was addressed in a neat, classy-looking type, official and respectable. I opened it with mild curiosity and was quite amazed at the contents.

It seems that yours truly had just won a prize in some foreign lottery that took place way back in March! What great news. According to the letter I had won in the 3rd category lottery and my prize was well over 900,000 Euros!

here is a copy of the letter:

…………..Award Notification

We are happy to inform you of this year’s release of the El Gordo Sweepstake International Program, held on the 27th March 2008. Due to the mix up of numbers and names, the reasults were later released on the 9th of May, 2008. Your name was entered as an alternative number attached to reference number HD/0999/177ESP with, Batch number:12115-04/EU drew the lucky numbers 9-13-21-30-31-44, which consequently won the lottery in the 3rd category.

You have therefore been approved to a lump sum payment of 915,810.00 Euros in cash. This is from a total cash prize of 13,868,770.00 Euros shared among the (seventeen international winners in this campaign). Congratulations!!!

Your fund is now deposited with the Bank and insured in your name. Due to false practices, we ask that you keep your award information strictly from public notice, until your claim has been processed and money remitted to your possession as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unwarranted abuse of this program by unscrupulous individuals.

All participants were selected through computer ballot system drawn from (ONE Million) names from Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and South Pacific, as part of our International promotion program. We hope your lucky name will draw a bigger cash prize in the subsequent programs ahead.

To begin your lottery claims, please contact your agent, Pedro Gonzalez, The foreign Service Manager, La Oriental De Seguros S.A.Company on Tel No: 0034 691 783 669, Fax 0034 911 014 214 for the precessing and remittance of your prize winning money to a designated bank account choice of yours.
remember all prize money must be claimed no later than 23rd May 2008. Any claims not made before this date will be returned to the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y HACIENDA as unclaimed fund.

And also be informed that 10% of you winnings belongs to (LA ORIENTAL DE SEGUROS S.A) because they are the promotion company that bought your ticket and played the lottery on your name, this ten percent will be paid after you have received your award prize(money) in your designated bank account of your choice. Three (3) certificates are to be issued to you by the Local Government Tax Authority, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry Of Interior, to back up your winning. Your agent will direct you further on the administrative requirement to enable the bank to release your fund to the designated choice of yours.

NOTE: in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers in every correspondence with your agent comapany. Furthermore, should there be any change of address, do inform your claims agent company as soon as possible, and please be informed that the original copy of this letter is with your agent PEDRO GONZALEZ, so do contact him on Tel: 0034 691 783 669.

Congratulations once again!!!!

So, what to do now? Do I contact Pedro Gonzalez with all my particulars and details of where to send the prize money or should I do the smart thing and bin his letter?

I am sorry to say that so many people just like you and me have fallen for this sales patter and lost huge amounts of money. This is one of the most common scams today and the perpetrators are fishing for your details in order to steal your identity. With the details that they obtain from you they go ahead to commit all sorts of criminal fraud including obtaining credit, loans, bank accounts, phone contracts and other services all the while claiming to be you. Let us get real. You will never win anything on a lottery that you did not actually enter. It is not going to happen.

Over the years The National Lottery has proved to be as good as any when people have fancied trying their luck. It is said that the “Lotto” is the most successful lottery in the world with a greater share of its income going to the prize fund and also to good causes. It has created a significant amount of lotto millionaires. The owners of the game are constantly finding new ways to make playing easier. You can open a National lottery

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