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£50 Million Draw on Friday!

The year is barely a week old but look – EuroMillions has rolled over once again. There is a whopping £50 Million jackpot up for grabs! The draw takes place on Friday 9th, so take advantage of this early opportunity!

I guess we are all very busy getting it together in the new year. Whatever you are doing, just make sure you buy a ticket for Friday!

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Jackpot Joy For Ten!

The National lottery draw held on the 20th of December was a rather amazing affair. Saturday’s draw promised a respectable £3,503,840 jackpot, something that would have given one lucky winner very welcome Christmas cheer indeed. 

As it happened there was not one, but ten lucky winners who shared the big prize with each pocketing over £350,000. What an amazing spreading of the Christmas spirit.  Organisers Camelot say that they are open for business over the holidays with lotto draws on Christmas eve and New year’s eve. It is expected that there will be a huge increase in ticket sales over this period.


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A drink and a riddle

The Pub

I met some friends at the Coach Station one Sunday during that Siberia-like summer. My friends were tired having done the long journey from London Victoria and they were in no mood for sight-seeing. We headed straight for the pub for something to eat.

At the entrance to the pub we noticed a board with a small riddle written on it. The landlord invited punters who thought they might know the answer to the riddle to step inside for a chance to win a free drink.

What a neat idea. Would anyone care to help me earn a drink?

Could it be you?

A lucky dip ticket helped an Oxfordshire woman scoop more than £120 000 in the National Lottery’s Lotto game back in August.

This week there is a £7,000,000 lottery jackpot following a roll-over from last Wednesday’s draw.

So today I plan to go to Minster Lovell to buy a lucky dip ticket at the very same Spar shop where the lucky lady matched five numbers and the bonus ball to net £121,340.

Here are the numbers that gave her that fabulous win: 9, 10, 17, 29, 33 and 40

Since it started in 1994, the National Lottery has created more than 2000 millionaires.

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The work-place Romance

I visited a forum discussion recently where the topic was “affairs in the work-place, are they a good or bad thing”?

I have invited Jaya Wardene one of the forum members to share with us his unique contribution to this topic. Here is Jaya’s Take:

I feel that your article will find resonance with many people. Do not be surprised to hear of positive examples of work-place romance. It can lead to a healthy and happy long-term relationship. I met my third wife in extremely strange circumstances.

The life of a policeman has its ups and downs but it was the only job for me. My dad was a cop and so was his father before him. As a member of an elite drug-busting team I spent many nights called away to work. My wife, Anastasia tried hard to cope with these frequent call outs. She was well aware of the dangers that we faced and she would stay up all night praying for my safe return. In the end she sought and found comfort in the arms of another cop. He was our neighbour, single and would wait until I had left the house before calling on her “to see if she was alright”.

Their affair went on for months. With my mind on my work and my work on my mind I just did not notice a thing. One afternoon I got a “number with-held” call on my mobile. The caller just whispered, ” Jaya, please watch your back” and rung off. The caller never came back and I assumed it was some disgruntled crook that I had shut down way back. Months later I lay dying at the Community General hospital. The doctors suspected poisoning but they could not work out what it was or how to counter it. Time was running out and I resigned myself to a slow and painful death. Just when they thought that I was finished a trainee doctor from the University suggested that they test me for Vesiliconemyocoapiea ingestion. VCP was a new drug that had proved highly effective in the treatment of constipation in race horses. Few doctors had come across it in their work. The trainee’s diagnosis was correct. Within a few days I was well enough to leave the hospital.

As I came down the stairs into the bright sunshine a young lady asked if she could speak with me for a minute. We walked back to the cafeteria and ordered some coffee. Her name was Gwendoline. She worked for our In house investigations department monitoring employee communications. It came as no surprise that there was a section of our force that spied on its own members. The drug-squad maintained zero tolerance even for the opportunities for corrupt practices. Gwendolene and her colleagues had listened-in on cosy conversations between Anastasia and lover-boy. They heard my cheating wife and Romeo plotting to kill me so that they could be together. It was devastating.

When Angus, the lover was confronted with the evidence he did not put up a defence. There was CCTV footage of him breaking into the Veterinary labs near Banbury Racecourse. At his Bicester home police found dozens of vials of the deadly medicine. It was said that my wife had administered the drug quite easily into my open mouth using an eye dropper whilst I slept. In court it took just half an hour to find them both guilty. They were each sentenced to a dozen years in jail.

Next month, I will be celebrating 8 years of wonderful marriage to delightful Gwendoline.

The Massive 100 Million Pounds Jackpot!

The EuroMillions draw due to take place on Friday 26th September has a whopping jackpot of £100 million that must be won on the night.

The huge size of the jackpot is as a result of several “roll-overs” over the past weeks where no single ticket has matched all the numbers. Organisers say that it can not roll -over again on the night and that come what may the money will be paid out.

An opportunity like this doesn’t come around very often and many punters will want to make the most of it. To win the jackpot players need to match five main numbers from 1 to 50 – and 2 Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 9. There are many other smaller prizes to be won.

The great news about all this is that playing the Euro million Lottery online could not be simpler!
Play Lotto online at www.national-lottery.co.uk It takes just a couple of minutes to log on and register your details.

You are then ready to enter for any of the draws as well as the instant win games offered by Camelot, the organisers of the National Lottery.

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Ray of Hope for Alitalia?

Following the collapse of several European travel firms in the past week it has emerged that Italian national carrier Alitalia is to slash 3000 jobs in a last ditch attempt to rescue the ailing airline from liquidation. Italy’s four main labour unions have signed a deal with business consortium CAI who will put forward a 1billion Euro offer to buy Alitalia. The Airline which is said to be running out of money to pay its fuel bills is currently operating under a bankruptcy commissioner.

The rescue proposal is strongly opposed by unions representing pilots and cabin crew.

The Western Digital passport 250GB external hard drive

I recently had a bit of bother with my home pc. The monitor kept turning itself off and the screen would just go blank. There was no way of recovering anything. Any un-saved data was lost. Each time the monitor went blank I had to turn off the pc using the little button at the back before I could restart it.

When I asked my nephew about this he said that the Daewoo monitor that I bought late in 1998 was now well past its best days. Two days later he brought me a beautiful 17” TFT monitor by Philips to try out. It was love at first sight. I had a lovely new monitor and it was sooo big! All went well for a few days but then the new monitor started to play up – turning itself off without warning. I was getting really fed-up. I suffer from anxiety attacks and insomnia and this was not helping. My nephew then said that perhaps the mother board needed attention. He went out and bought a new mother board and set it all up for me. He had decided that as we were doing all this rebuilding work perhaps we should get a bigger hard drive as well.

Before we could install the new drive we had to back up all the files on my current drive. There were millions of photos collected over the years, a huge iTunes library and tonnes of data files amounting to about 60GB. My nephew had brought along his Western Digital passport 250GB 2.5” external hard drive to back up the contents of my hard drive. He connected the new drive and installed the OS and other software.This portable hard drive is an easy and affordable way to add 250GB storage for PCs or Macintosh notebooks.

The Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB USB is totally portable and does not require a power adapter. It is powered directly via the USB port.The Western Digital drive is an ideal solution at those times when one is faced with the problem of having to carry large files between work and home. It is also great for workers on the move. If you need to back up files or transfer important documents, music, video or photos this portable external hard drive might just be the perfect solution.

Just make sure that you don’t leave it on the train!

The waiting room (part iv)

I was back in a waiting room again last friday. This time it was at a dentist’s surgery in the main shopping centre. I had arrived earlyish having left home at the crack of dawn to avoid the traffic nightmares that have become a way of life. To be honest I liked going there just a bit earlier than my appointment because I could sit in the warm waiting room take a short time to study my co defendants and then move slowly to the small bookcase and retrieve my favourite book; The Thames: a photographic journey.

In this wonderful book the author goes right to the source of this famous river to map a slow and leisurely boat journey down the river detailing the history of the many towns and cities that the river flows by on its meandering way to the sea. He points to a bridge here or a lock there and even a famous Inn like the Rose Revived; There is a wealth of history here, a fascinating read. I readily confess that I am mad about rivers, lakes and seas and all things maritime so you can imagine my delight when my better half arranged a day trip down the Thames on a steamer boat at the end of August 2 years ago. We would go from Marlow to Henley-on-Thames and we would also be calling at the Queens favourite home, Windsor castle.

The day trips are arranged by her work place and they are very popular. The previous year, 2005 we went to visit Lord Nelson’s battleship HMS Victory at Portsmouth harbour. This was just at the end of the celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar. History fans will know that this was the battle in which Lord Nelson defeated Napoleon’s navy but was killed by a sniper.

Our day at Portsmouth was one to remember in several other ways. As we cruised along the harbour front on a guided boat tour just after lunch the skipper announced that it had just come through on the radio that London had won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic games. A great cheer went up in our little boat adding to the excitement of the afternoon. The events that would come to unfold only a few hours later were nothing to cheer about. It was of course the very next day that terror struck London in the name of al-Qaida. The bombings of seven-seven claimed the lives of 52 people and injured nearly 800. The longer term consequences are still unfolding.

Hey,…….. back to the dentist’s. As I looked at the beautiful photographs and read about old towns like Abingdon and Maidenhead and a posh school called Eton in “my” book I became aware of some kind of a commotion at the front desk. A very loud woman was swearing quite freely and her anger was directed at the receptionist.

” What the *&%%!£&* do you mean that he has been struck off. You cannot strike off my +”£%&* son. He is only four years old and he has two £$%^&* toothaches. He needs to see his dentist like now!” The little boy did not like being in the limelight now and he was jumping up and down trying to get his mothers attention. Without even looking at him she reached into her hand bag and pulled out a king size mars bar which she handed over to the lad. He sat on the floor and tore it open, aching gums forgotten.

The lady at the reception was all politeness as she explained that the boy was removed from the register for failing to turn up for treatment appointments and checkups despite numerous reminders being sent out to them. The matter was now out of their hands and the mother would have to contact a regional health office.

The furious woman did not look remotely convinced by the receptionist’s explanation. Without saying another word she grabbed her son and marched him out of the surgery. I am sure that I was not alone trying to work that one out. A health professional sending away a patient at their moment of need……but then again strange things always happened in the waiting room.

A Lucky Escape

You may have heard in the news of the Qantas Airlines Jumbo jet with more than 360 passengers and crew that was forced to make an emergency landing in Manila, Philippines after a mid air explosion ripped a huge hole in the Boeing 747-400 aircraft’s fuselage.

Passengers described hearing a loud bang followed by a rush of wind and debris in the cabin. The plane had left Hong Kong about an hour earlier. Air safety officials say that the explosion occurred at an altitude of 29,000 feet leading to rapid decompression of the cabin. Oxygen masks were deployed and the passengers quickly put them on. The flight crew put the plane into an emergency descent dropping from the cruising altitude down to 10,000 feet where it was possible to breath normally. Terrified passengers believed they were about to crash into the sea until the plane leveled off and many wept or said prayers.

Safety examiners will now carry out painstaking investigations to try to discover what caused the damage to the fuselage, blowing out a hole the size of a family car. They will want to quickly rule out the possibility of a terror attack. For the moment they are fully aware that this could have been a far bigger incident.

The flight crew acted with impressive calmness and professionalism in recovering the situation and landing the plane safely in Manila. As it happens all those involved in the mid air drama walked away with nothing more serious than shock.

It is worth noting here what a local newspaper wrote: The number of people killed in Britain’s roads every year would fill six 747 Jumbo jets. Flying is still the safest mode of travel and Qantas has one of the best safety records around. Enjoy your holidays.

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