Late afternoon Monday 17th June 16:30

An elderly man walked into Police Hq Nairobi carrying a small parcel wrapped in brown paper and bound tightly in parcel tape. At the reception desk he asked to speak to the the officer in charge of the writer’s murder enquiry. The desk Sergeant thought he recognised the man but he was not sure. He placed a call to Commander Ruby Mwekundu’s office. Ruby’s receptionist instructed the Sergeant to show the caller into an interview room where a member of the enquiry team would see him shortly. The team had been expanded following the discovery of another body. Officers were working round the clock in their efforts to catch the double-murderer. It was not even certain at this stage that the two killings were the work of one man. The girl had been strangled and the man had been stabbed multiple times in what the pathologists had described as a ‘frenzied attack’ Continue reading