Blog writers and readers wherever they may be can be wonderful at inspiring one another. Today, we find great pleasure in introducing a guest post from a reader who has read from many of you. Your own writing has inspired him to share with us a lovely piece. Without further ado I present Lenny and his guest post: The Booty Connection

*December 25th 1994*

This raggedy, hilly place had a feeling of unwantedness but I felt like giving it a further go deeper into the high oak trees. My car heater had been blowing for a non-stop 3 hours as I tried to resist the winter freeze-up.
“Well, my dear loving husband I wish you were here as fast as you can for the romantic meal awaits us both.”

These words kept ringing in my ears every 5 minutes and this pressurised my over-speeding. Suddenly, right up ahead in the village road canopied by the giant oak trees, a miserly limping gazelle appeared. It seemed extremely embraced with pain and confusion to an extent of being deaf to my raving car’s engine. Poor Noah’s survival kit, it severely had been unable to cross the road so I had to slow down and pass by it.

“Well, my dear loving husband I wish you were here as fast as you can for the romantic meal awaits us both.”

The wonderful Anna’s chorus rung in my ears all over again but I had finally approached my home. Dark had befallen the tiny village of Kiribiti where pure traditions accompanied residents but technology was never a mystery. Come all the way from the central parts of the town outside Kiribiti where peace is totally a mystery. Miraa chewing boys and Kokoriko Debt collectors that spoil your morning do not exist at all at Kiribiti. You wake up in the morning to respectful greeting neighbours who smile at you 24/7.
Chai ya Asali is served in specially designed imported Chinese ceramic teacups accompanied by Kiribiti buns. I just arrived at the family park and manoeuvred my X5 Sports into a justified rhombus ensuring that Anna’s Fiat had a kick-start drive off space.

I never forgot about the elegant perfumery collection I brought her lying in the back seat. I could hear Simba our loving pet dog barking in welcoming spirit right from the front door. This shows that the German shepherd had missed his master. Being away for 6 months is not a joke at some point. The garden itself was extremely well tendered and the aroma of fresh loam splattered all corners of the front lawn. Not forgetting the sprouted roses silently shivering in the cold and garnished in icy effect.

Whilst I headed for the front door Simba seemed calm expecting me to open up but Anna appeared behind him. That great, loving sweet face I had missed for a long time tipped the door open and quickly hugged me. A long two minute hugging and kissing became warmer than inside my X5 Sports.
“Merry Christmas, Fred!” She said.
“And you too darling. I missed you baby doll. It’s been ages,” I said.
“Binti Chuma should be here anytime today before 5pm to join us for our Christmas dinner. She says she has a friend coming over with her”, Anna said.

How I missed hearing from own daughter Binti for as much as I could not remember. What a dumb father I had become. This top notch working and travelling has really denied me privacy with my family.
“Perhaps we’d better wait for her then before we proceed with the major family movie watching, my love,” I said.

I enhanced my wakefulness with a strong cup of coffee then proceeded for a quick shower while my dear wife prepared the table for dinner. Whilst nearly done I could hear voices such as laughter penetrating the living room. I could tell Binti had arrived and the party was about to begin.

It was a great re-union and plus a merited one. Just a single child in a family can bring so much joy. Binti introduced us to his friend over dinner and right during our dessert we had filled ourselves up.

* 2 Hours Later*

Binti now 21 had met Daudi at college a few months before pursuing her Psychology BSc degree course at Maneno University and they had been closer since then. She actually requested him to drop him here as she had no other means of transport. But due to bad weather and unpredicted circumstances I decided to let Daudi spend the night with us. The roads must be extremely unreliable at this hour especially during winter season. Besides that scary gazelle would mean danger to him.

I found it a bit odd to see Daudi not being able to speak much for he seemed timid and extravagantly alienated from our conversations. Well, at 22 he was just but a kid he knew what he did with Binti or what they discuss in their privacy. That is how these innocent looking kids are and come out to be the most know-all members of the community.
As a son of a wealthy member of parliament Litmus Warren, my wife and I requested him to contact his family and update them of his whereabouts. He rose up from the spongy sofa, sunk his right hand deep into his corduroy and pulled out a hi-tech smartphone.

“Can I go ahead and phone my father from this room?” he asked innocently.
“Sure, son. Go ahead or maybe I could take you to the guest room if you so wish,” I said.
“It is ok with me here. Nothing secret really,” he said while struggling to smile.

He fiddled about with the handset then lazily placed it onto his left ear awaiting a response. In a matter of a few seconds the phone got through. He took it off his ear then fiddled again with it and suddenly a loud “HELLO DAUDI” rumbled on the speaker-phone.
“Hello, father. I am sorry but I may not make it back there today. I am far away from the city at my girlfriend’s home,” he said fearfully.

“Daudi, that is no worry at all. Just make sure that both GPS locators stay on. In case of emergency please speak to Binti’s parents,” he responded.

“Thanks Dad I will do that. I shall speak to you tomorrow. Goodnight.” Daudi exited.
He gently fiddled about with the phone and the conversation was off. He was such a smart boy who cleverly knew how to capture other people’s ears in case of emergency.

I assured Daudi of peace and quiet throughout the night and showed him the guest room. Offered him all that he needed and led him to the washroom. I returned to the living room to join my wife and daughter who were busy bursting in laughter to a silly Christmas telly advert. I made myself another coffee cuppa and headed back to my seat.

Simba started growling and barking and this raised my ears. Maybe he just noticed some wild deer passing by just like the one I saw earlier in the day. But he continued growling in utter anger as if in a born wrestling match. I stood up and headed towards his post. I pulled back the blinds but could see nothing other than titbits of snow falling.
An hour later we all sat down to watch an interesting film that turned us completely haywire. Oh, what a night it was! Besides, the gifts had not been torn open yet as enjoyment was in the air.

*December 26th*

As a custom in Kiribiti, fireworks and door-to-door carol singing was common in times of Christmas. I had crouched in my bed awaiting the heater to reach to a minimum warmth when suddenly the doorbell skipped my heart to a startle. Simba was not startled at all perhaps it was nothing to worry about. My wife was soundly asleep and conversing in whatever dreams she was having. It was still dark outside. I grabbed my kimono and headed downstairs. It became chiller as I headed towards the door. Suddenly, I was there and was greeted by a massive silhouette of a stranger my mind could not identify from the opaque glass door.

“Who is it? Name please,” I shouted gently through the intercom.

“Mr. Fred it is your next door neighbour’s watchman,” the voice answered.

I gently opened up the door and a gesture of a 6 foot tall man in security uniform stood before me. He did not seem comfortable in the cold so I wavered him in but he rejected.

“Mr. Fred I think you will need to phone the police ASAP. Because I think I saw two strange looking men in your car shed,” he said.
“I don’t get you Paul. But how did you see strangers in this weather?” I asked.
“I happened to be passing by when I saw those fresh footprints and bloodstains at your gate entrance. That’s when I saw them, the odd looking strangers and I scared them off. It is a serious matter considering the blood imprints Mr. Fred,” he said whilst trembling with cold.

This scared me a bit as I raised my eyebrows in deep sequence of fear and concentration. Wondering who these odd looking individuals might be and besides the story, blood was utterly involved all the way along the footprints. I requested Paul to give me a moment whilst I gently went into my backroom to get my warm coat plus of course the cell phone.
Hurriedly enough we were outside in a minute and we were heading towards his cantered area, where he based his night eyes on.

“Paul, would you mind telling me whether you have shared this story with anyone else? Di d you or have you raised any form of alarm?” I asked in hesitance.
“Yes, I did leave a hand-written note under my boss’ door last night at the time of this occurrence,” he responded confidently.
“But my housekeepers have not seen it, I doubt as they are meant to return today,” he pressed on.

“I believe it is high time I phoned the police and inform them about this. This is quite a serious case.” I told Paul while I gently dialled 999 on the cell phone.
“Excuse me but darling what in the world is going on here?” a voice busted in the background. It was my wife. She had just been woken up by the drizzling cold which penetrated through the door that Simba easily pushed wide open when I left.

I disconnected the phone without going further and hesitated not to respond to my dear wife.
“Love, whatever has happened here let it not be known to the kids as it would utterly scare their wits out.” I told her.
She stared with rabbit eyes that required some rest. I explained to her he circumstances whilst Paul did intervene further. She did also say that Simba lied next to her with its paws faintly coated with red blood.

*30 Minutes Later*

The cops had arrived and had done the biopsy, applied the forensic Do-Not-Cross yellow border tapes around the home and especially around the car garage. The kids were asked to wake up and all of us were requested to meet up in the house for further interviews. The head of the forensic team Inspector Tomtom ensured us that there seemed to be a murder that had taken place around our home. And that due to further forensic investigations, the area would be kept highly protected 24/7.

Funny enough they arrested Paul and put him into temporary custody and took Simba away with them which made us really upset. Daudi’s interview turn led them into phoning his next of kin, the father, who was hard to find by then. They phoned his secretary and soon enough the boy’s phone rattled back with an anonymous pseudonym on the screen. He handed over the phone to the Inspector.

Binti grew closer to her friend as they hugged tight awaiting what the next news would be regarding this whole tragedy. My wife rose up for the kitchen to prepare some biting for them as they seemed extremely straw-stricken by cold since the door had frequently been left ajar whilst the assistant forensic experts walked in taking orders from the inspector. A few minutes later, the phone-call was over and as the Inspector hung up the call, he raised his eyebrows calmly upon the boy, Daudi. This told me something wasn’t right then. He handed the phone back to the innocent boy.

“Excuse me Mr. Fred but can I have a word with you in private please?” he requested me.
I asked Binti and Daudi to excuse us and they went to the kitchen where my wife was still preparing something.

“I am afraid to inform you that the boy’s father’s life may have been in danger and most likely the boy’s himself. The father flew out of the country this morning after escaping a murder attempt at his home last night. Lucky enough the boy was here with you but it has been said that they got hold of the monitoring system to track him.” He told me.

“So what does this all mean to us? What is your department intending to do regarding all this? Is Daudi’s father safe wherever he is at the moment? I asked him.

“I am expecting a full forensic report from the main offices about the watchman’s testimony, blood samples and any matching evidence that supports a murder. Then we proceed from there otherwise I have dispatched other experts to the man’s home for matching evidence.” He responded with utter confidence and profession in his voice.

*Few Hours Later*

A full report pulled through the inspector’s phone saying that they have identified the blood and tissue samples traced around the house to be inhumane, probably belonged to a wild animal. But also amongst the report was a barbeque of fingerprints found on the Daudi’s car-boot handles, backseat and side mirrors. They bore similarities to ones found at Daudi’s father office at the time of the attempted murder. The fingerprints have led the forensic departments to the suspects involved in the murder attempt.

But one thing for sure still was left unsolved or rather unexplained.
Why two sets of footprints?
Why a wild animal’s blood type found around the house?
Well, perhaps when I tried to remember hard it could be the moment I followed Simba at the front door at the time it barked furiously at some unseen thing.
But why did the watchman see two strangers running off?

Well, further to the report, the arrested suspect confessed to the murder plus attempting to perform a second degree murder using accomplices. These accomplices were to follow up or rather track Daudi then hijack him for ransom if things do not go well. If they did or achieve their target and kill them both.
They got so scared of the hijack attempt from my house to the point of disappearing in the cold of the night.
The two men were put on wanted list but were arrested a week later by the powerful Kiribiti National Police Force. They each got life in prison for attempted car-jacking, hijacking, robbery, multiple murder and attempted first degree murder.