Caught on Camera – continuation

The story of the Man who caned The Politician continued to make ripples. Newspapers and social media were full of jokes and commentary providing a welcome relief from the real woes of day to day living.

Meanwhile, at 10:30 am at the down town offices of Uchoyo Property Developments, Gregory Uchoyo sat at his desk. He was staring at the newspaper photograph absently adding sugar to his milky tea. His sister, Baridi sat opposite watching him, unamused.

“You take too much sugar, Greg, It’s disgusting. Nkt. And why is the tea here always so milky?” She looked around the room, her lips curled downwards.

“I’ll get the girl to make you a fresh pot, less milk.” Uchoyo said. He could sense the anger in her rising. But Baridi shook her head, rummaging in her large Gucci hand bag. She pulled out a small flask, opened it and took and a long swig. She took a deep breathe and let it out slowly.

“Aaah! Now we’re talking. Save your bleeding milky tea bro. Sorry I can’t stand that rubbish today. I had a late one last night and I think I drank far too much. Or perhaps far too little water. Hahahahaha!”

She opened her packet of cigarettes, lit one and tossed the rest over to Uchoyo who lit one for himself.

“So. Now Papa is alive. Hahahahaha! Are we sure it is him? And if so……..How the heck is that possible? Whose funeral did we attend? Who is buried at the cemetery? What is going on Greg?” Baridi took another swig of her whiskey looking at her brother with malevolence in her eyes. “What are we going to do now, brainy? Ptuh!”

“Sshhh not so loud, Ridi, Let’s calm down and have a think.” Greg took a sip of his tea.

“Mscheeeew! Calm down he says. Baridi had stood up now and was walking around the office in a state of belligerence. “Calm down. Ha! I’ll calm down when you explain to me how we’ll avoid going to jail for fraud. Papa is alive, We’ve cashed in his life insurance and shared the spoils of his dodgy will, for goodness sake!”

Gregory waited until she had finished. He said in a gentle property developer voice. “Don’t worry sis. This is all some silly mistake. A misunderstanding. We’ll call the fixers and I’m pretty sure that it will all be taken care of once and for all.”

* * * * * *

At about the same time just a few blocks across the city Babu, retired police detective and private investigator was holding council in his office. The conference room had never been so full. Seated at the oval table were Rubina, the young lawyer, Police Commander Ruby Mwekundu from the regional headquarters. Next to Ruby were two sombre officials, one from the Revenue agency and another from a well know Life assurance outfit. The young man seated on the other side of Rubina was described as Mr Uchoyo’s adopted son. Next to him, Mr Abdul Kadir commissioner for oaths, public notary and expert on matters probate. He had brought with him an office junior. Next was Woolie Kondoo who ostensibly worked for Babu. The day’s proceedings as usual were chaired by Babu.

The discussions were held in an air of informality with each contributor spending just a few minutes outlining what their own particular investigations into Gregory Uchoyo had uncovered. After each of them had said their piece Babu summarised the position and explained what action was to follow. The team were in agreement. The meeting was brought to a close and the gathered party had some refreshments and hurried off to prepare for the next course of action.

* * * * * *

Gregory Uchoyo had been waiting for over forty minutes and it was clear to him now that the cunning Abdul Kadir would not be coming. Abdul Kadir’s secretary had been most apologetic saying she was not sure what could have happened to her boss. She had tried calling him several times but his phone went unanswered. Uchoyo had just finished his third cup of Ginger tea.

Just then the secretary answered an incoming call. “Hallo….Oh, Mr Abdul Kadir. Ehe, yes, yup. Ndio boss. No no. It is quiet, no. Yes It’s Mr Uchoyo. Yeah, he is still here. Sure. I’ll pass him on. One moment please” Uchoyo got up and went round by the secretary’s desk to take the call.

“Hallo Uchoyo: We have a problem. Hahahahahahahaha! I’ve always wanted to say that.” Abdul Kadir’s loud cackling laughter now degenerated into a rasping cough down the crackling telephone line. “Gregory Uchoyo, my dear Gregory. How have you been? And your lovely sister Baridi. Is she well?”

“Cut the small talk and cheap ass jokes, Abdul Kadir – what’s going on?How is it I see my supposedly father on TV? Alive and very well too? What the heck is going on? Where is my father?” Uchoyo spoke with a snarl in his voice that the secretary, being quite close, found unnerving. The conversation with Abdul Kadir lasted a further twenty minutes. Uchoyo learned that Abdul Kadir was down at Ukunda visiting his elderly ma who was poorly. It was arranged that Gregory and Baridi would travel to Ukunda in the next day or so to sort out the Mzee Alphonse affair. Abdul Kadir had a beach hotel near Tiwi. He would host them there.

* * * * * *

The privately chartered plane carrying Babu and his party from the morning conference touched down at Moi International, Mombasa just after six thirty that evening. Abdul Kadir had organised transportation to Ukunda and so after collecting their bags they set off on the A14 highway for the south coast. Their destination the famous Azure Seas hotel just near Tiwi.

to be continued