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For The Ladies of August

I was just getting used to July when August came crashing into our lives with shock and awe.

Woman jumps from burning flat

London exploded into burning and looting following a peaceful protest in Tottenham organised by the family of a local man who had been shot dead by police. In the following days disturbances spread right across London and into many English towns and cities including Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham. The ferocity and anger of the rioters shocked many, including the police.

Much has been said about the causes of the trouble with politicians from all sides falling over themselves, stating the obvious whilst trying to score party points but for me it was a comment on the Daily Nation online edition that captured the the mood best: The English riots were the UK’s own hurricane Katrina. They have exposed an underlying disease festering in the fabric of the country. It is often ignored and rarely discussed. If nothing is done about it we may well see much more serious trouble in the streets..”

Croydon burns

Libya became more violent as the opposition forces closed in on the Brother Colonel, forcing him out of Tripoli. As opposition forces gain the upper hand there have been terrible reports of retribution and human rights abuses coming in. The situation is far from settled and only time will tell if the revolution gives birth to a better country for all its citizens.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel because 3 wonderful ladies: Edna Kiplagat, Prisca Jeptoo and Sharon Jemutai completed a fantastic 1-2-3 for Kenya in the World Athletic Championships in Daegu, South Korea, last Saturday.


Arsenal losing 8-2 would have been enough to give anyone a severe bout of depression but then some clown at the Daily Nation decided that Beyonce falling pregnant was an item that merited first page-breaking news. I was happy that they did that – the comments page showed that Kenyans are number one in the art of sarcasm.

So just as I was about to swallow a whole packet of malariaquin a rumour started spreading and I was notified that she was back. I rushed online to confirm what was being said on the street – The lady herself had listened to the pleas of her readers and she had returned to be with her loyal fans.

Let’s hear it for the ladies of August 2011.

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  1. These are hard times and all countries should concentrate doing right by their own citizens instead of interfering in Libya, Afghanistan and wherever else they please.
    Bravo kenyan ladies

  2. The ladies did us proud at the time of writing this team GB had not won a gold medal. I feel you Anne on this interfering business. The west sometimes act as the world policemen – neglecting urgent duties in their own backyard.

  3. It is always amazing how our athletes manage to take us to places where politicians can’t! I too congratulates the ladies and the rest of the team. The less said about Arsenal the better. On the Libya situation, this is always a difficult topic. I remember when the demos began peacefully and the col turned on his own people. As he dispatched troops to Benghazi everyone was screaming as the people of Benghazi waited to be massacred. I read comments on various sites people urging to the big brothers to interfere or the looming bloodshed will be on their hands. Now we condemn them for interfering. Personally I have no sympathy for any leader who turns his guns on his own people, but also understand that western powers only interfere in places where they have interests. That is why children and women continue to be massacred by Assad…

  4. Otieno, our leaders could learn a lot. Pride, passion, determination, hard work, sacrifice, teamwork and above all sportsmanship and fairness. Our athletes, surely are the rightful owners of the title Waheshimiwa in the truest sense of the word.

    The photo of a woman leaping from a burning building into the waiting arms of rescuers below needs no caption. There are those who complained that the P0lice took too long to contain the situation. You cannot compare the UK with Libya or Syria though because for one thing looters, rioters, protesters and police, each in their own way understood and took it for granted that it is not the business of security forces to gun down the people that they are supposed to protect. Least said about the gunners the better…

  5. Kudos to them athletes, always doing Kenya proud!!
    About London and Libya, hmmm, not much to say from me… :-p

  6. Yes she’s back. You’ve summarized the month pretty well. It was a quite month for Kenya, it’s a pity we cannot say the same about this month. 🙁

    I’m about settled now. So glad that I can catch up with friends like you. 🙂 Good evening.

  7. Woah there. A packet of packet of malariaquin actually works? You’d think google in their all knowingness would post such info online! 😛 Now, I’m not saying this out of any selfish, birthday related issues, but I can tell you for a fact, the month and the people of August is as firery as they come. Moving on swiftly, the amazing Kenyan wins (and Arsenal loss) were something to smile about. Ps: I have not one clue about soccer so don’t go all macho-man on me. Just doing the noble thing of hating on Arsenal. 😀

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