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Captured on camera 2nd instalment

Caught on Camera – continuation

Previously we read about the strange incident of a man in shorts who was so irked by the sight of a political personality enjoying himself as he danced happily with his supporters. The irate individual had walked up to the dais and struck the politician a couple of times with his walking stick.

This important story had made news headlines across the land with most newspapers carrying in-depth accounts and publishing many quality photographs.

It was 7.30 the next morning. In the bright morning room of the big house in the affluent suburb of Runda, Angelina Uchoyo was full of energy as she busied herself with her husband’s breakfast. She laid out a big bowl of steaming porridge and a large plate of fried eggs, their yolks all nice and runny. She also brought a tray of mandazi and small tea cakes. The whole dining table was covered in tempting treats of various delightful aromas as the good lady attempted to entice Mr Uchoyo to come out from hiding behind the newspapers and eat something before he left for the office.

Gregory Uchoyo, 39, self-important, allegedly self-made city entrepreneur-cum-property developer finally put down the paper and smiled lovingly at his wife. She removed the newspaper and watched as he added a half a dozen tea-spoons of sugar to his porridge. Angelina Uchoyo looked briefly at the headlines, folded the paper and sat down to pour herself a sweet masala tea. She smiled in loving contentment as she watched her handsome husband of two years steadily clear the foods before him.

Uchoyo was driving a final folded piece of mandazi around his plate, soaking up stray yellow egg yolk when something on the front of the folded paper caught his eye. He popped the mandazi into his mouth, washed it down with tea and grabbed the paper again. He could not believe his eyes. He was looking at the kiboko picture where the man lashed out at the politician. The thing that had caught his eye was something quite impossible to believe. Uchoyo’s heart was racing now for he knew that he was seeing things for sure. Things that did not make sense and frightened him. You see seated at the front of the crowd, quite happily following the proceedings was Gregory’s late father, mzee Alphonse Uchoyo, a man who had been dead and buried for the last three years.

Uchoyo rose from the table and went into the sitting room making sure to close the door behind him. He took his phone and dialled his sister’s number. She was quick to pick up. She had seen the picture of daddy too. What did this mean? Gregory sensed that his younger sister was very shaken. He had to be strong. For both of them.

“Meet me at my office in one hour. It will all be fine.” He said.

to be continued

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  1. I am curious, how much do the Uchoyos weigh? They are eating a lot for breakfast haha, please describe them. Also, I don’t like my eggs runny Woolie, I want them hard, very hard boiled 😀

    Anxiously waiting for why Uchoyo senior’s ghost was in the picture of a senior politician getting ass whooped

  2. Mrs Uchoyo learned early on that her husband liked to do things big. Big house, big car, a voracious appetite. The sign of man who had only recently come into very great wealth. Your prognosis? Coronary or diabetes? The future might not be bright.

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