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Lucky Passengers

I just love November and I think it is a lucky month. I saw a report moments ago in the news about a passenger plane from New Jersey that had to make an emergency landing in Poland after its landing gear failed to deploy.

The reports said that none of the 220 passengers and 11 crew on the aircraft were injured



  1. Here’s to joyous November!

  2. Thank you. Let us hope it brings better times ahead. I hate to say that events around the world do not fill one with optimism.

    Thanks for dropping by and cheering my day 🙂

  3. woolie, for me September is my favorite month. You have inspired this post http://www.tumblr.com/blog/savvykenya

    Here’s to November!

  4. Actually to view the post see http://savvykenya.tumblr.com

  5. i hope November brings you happy tidings.

  6. Thanks Savvy – let me see the post.

  7. Thanks Peter – do you have a favourite time of the year?

  8. Not sure I have a favorite month, but January seems to bring a certain optimism for me, thinking that I am starting life afresh….never mind that by February it is the same old habits!

  9. @Otieno January is indeed a month for optimists. I tried a small trick this year…put aside a few bob in a box under my bed starting in january and deposit the same amount every month…….The box is still under the bed – it is full of fluff and nothing else

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